Good Work / Challenging Times at Flint Public Library

Flint Public Library, Flint, MI

Picture from Nov-2012 Proving Ground book event at Flint Public Library (courtesy Clif Turner)

The Flint Public Library (FPL) is doing good work. I saw that firsthand when I visited  and had a tour of the facility earlier this month. You might think that in this age of e-books, Google, and Wikipedia that the need for the library would be declining, but in fact just the opposite is true!  FPL has been tracking the technology trends and has been providing one of the few places in town where citizens can gain access to all kinds of media – both hard copy and electronic. It is really a jewel of the city, and receives constant, heavy use from Flint residents.

So what’s the problem?

Well, if you have been reading the paper (or listening to the news), you know that, just as with many other cities, Flint’s tax base has decreased greatly in recent years due to the exodus of jobs and the decline of the real estate market. This, paradoxically, has led to a rise in the need for the library’s services, because many residents don’t have the wherewithal to purchase books or surf the internet on their own. And that is to say nothing of the considerable demand for the library’s programs such as reading sessions for kids and book clubs for adults.

So what’s the solution?

The Flint Public Library has initiated a fund-raising campaign to try to fill some of the financial gaps. They have sliced quite a bit off their budget requirements, and are looking at entrepreneurial ways to bring in more revenues, but good old-fashioned contributions are an important part of the mix, too. That’s why I decided to reach in my own pocket and contribute to the Flint Public Library. I hope you will do the same.

For further information, contact Ilene Harris at 810-249-2040, or simply follow this link.

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