Opening This Friday in Detroit: “Vanishing Pearls”

"Vanishing Pearls" producer-director Nailah Jefferson
“Vanishing Pearls” producer-director Nailah Jefferson

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes, and skin hues. The black oyster fishermen of Louisiana are a hardy, determined group of entrepreneurs whose lives and livelihood were upended by the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now the plight of these African American fishermen is detailed in a new documentary called “Vanishing Pearls.” This fascinating film was created by Nailah Jefferson of New Orleans. Nailah is the sister of our good friend Jelani Jefferson Exum. Jelani and her husband Lowen live in Detroit, where the film is set to open this Friday, April 25. For information on venue and showtimes, click here. Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

Following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Nailah Jefferson’s VANISHING PEARLS chronicles the untold story of personal and professional devastation in Pointe à la Hache, a close-knit fishing village on the Gulf coast.

The filmmaker delves into the worst environmental disaster in American history just as news cameras leave the scene of the crime. While 49 Million barrels of oil settle in the once vibrant coastal waters, a generations-old community of African-American fishermen pledge to fight for justice, accountability and their way of life.

To see the Melissa Harris-Perry interview of Nailah Jefferson on MSNBC, click here.

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  1. William David Tarver,

    You brought me to tears with the MLK presentation! I want you to know, that you have inspired my work with those that I serve in my practice as a Social Worker.

    I will pass on the message of being keenly aware of our humanity as we move forward.
    I will carry the message about choices, about pursuing one’s dreams – NOW. The time to start is the most important time that we have – NOW!

    Thanks David,

    You’re such an inspiration to us all.

    Cousin Linda

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