Greetings and welcome to the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative news page. Use this page to track what is happening with the Initiative and to communicate with other interested parties. Feel free to register and post (moderated) content of your own. Together, we can facilitate the creation of businesses that will improve the quality of life in many urban communities.

W. David Tarver

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  1. This sounds like an interesting effort. I would like to learn more. Feel free to add me to an e-mail list as new information is sent out. I am currently in Denver, so not sure I can get back to Michigan for the Oct. 11 symposium.

    I am working with a couple of other companies on urban ag topics. The one is specifically aimed at inner cities with the obvious goal of local food and other another short term goal including job creation. Longer term goals include social justice topics such as employee owned companies (original + spin off companies), job training, and even affordable housing and clean energy. We are currently in talks with 2 Michigan cities on this topic. One of our goals is to implement this concept in 400 inner cities around the U.S.

    A second topic is raising fish in a building. A base unit is ~3 acres employing ~50 people. It can be urban or rural in location. We are in discussions with one Michigan city on this topic.

    I would be interested in a discussion on these (and other) topics and seeing if it would fit into the UEI mission and if we can work together to make these happen.

    Scott Ranville
    President, HLP
    Skype: scottranville
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Human-Life

    Creating Enlivened, Strong, Sustainable Communities for all Ages


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