Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2014 Luncheon Speaker – Jill Ford


Entrepreneurship is in the air throughout the Detroit area, and no one embodies the entrepreneurial spirit more than Mayor Duggan’s recent hire to head the City’s entrepreneurship facilitation efforts: Jill Ford.  That is why we are pleased to have Jill as the luncheon speaker for Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2014.  Jill, who has a computer science degree from Harvard University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, will share what she has learned about entrepreneurship during her stints in Ghana, West Africa, and Silicon Valley. She will also discuss what motivated her to take on the premier urban entrepreneurship task in the country, and how she plans to approach the work.  Coming at the end of an exciting and informative conference, Jill’s remarks should serve to inspire the attendees to take up the cause: applying business innovation in service to urban communities.

For more information about Jill, see this recent article published in Crain’s Detroit Business.

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