And now, a shout out to our sponsors…


The date for Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2014 is fast approaching, and we’re amazed at the outpouring of support we’re seeing. We have a great lineup of speakers, moderators, presenters, and panelists, and all signs point to the event being over-subscribed. All of this points to the fact that many people out there recognize the importance of applying business innovation — ENTREPRENEURSHIP — to solve the problems we find in our cities — in Michigan, the U.S., and indeed around the world.

While we are proud to be producing an important, ground-breaking event, we recognize that we wouldn’t be able to bring you this program without the support of our sponsors.  So join us in thanking and appreciating the organizations and the people who are making UES 2014 possible by their generous support and their belief in this project.

Sponsors, we thank you VERY MUCH.






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