Introducing: UEI-TV!


In the run-up to last Fall’s Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015, we had an idea: why not interview some of the outstanding people in our urban entrepreneur ecosystem, and make those interviews available to the wider public? Well, that idea led to a whole series of Video Vignettes sessions where television host and playwright Brenda Perryman interviewed a wide range of outstanding conference attendees. These include:

  • MSU president Lou Anna K. Simon
  • U 0f D Mercy president Antoine Garibaldi
  • WeWork co-founder (and symposium keynote speaker) Miguel McKelvey

and many more. We think you’ll find these interviews enlightening and inspiring, and that’s why we’re presenting them on the new UEI-TV video channel. We’ll present one or two new episodes each week. In addition to these interviews, we’ll be presenting videos on other topics of interest to the urban entrepreneur community.

Check out UEI-TV! Stay tuned each week for more content. Let us know how we’re doing!


#UES2015 Video Vignettes “trailer”

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