#UES2016: It’s a Wrap!

#UES2016 is history. Now the real work begins.

We have posted the recap of the 2016 Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium on the UEI web site, and we will continue to add more information in the coming weeks. Please take the time to review the pictures (there are hundreds!), the attendee survey results, the TV, radio, and print media associated with the event, and much more.  We were heartened to see that 95% of attendees got all or part of what they came to the symposium for, and that many people made valuable connections at the event.  Now it’s time to leverage the information and inspiration received to create what Flint and so many other cities badly need: innovative, profitable business solutions that improve the quality of life in urban communities.

Let’s continue our quest to change the (urban) world, and let’s have FUN while we do it.  We are long overdue for an URBAN REVIVAL.

Click here to see the #UES2016 summary.

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