Pelican Party!

While we quite enjoy hanging out at Half Moon Montego Bay, it’s also nice to get away from the resort life and see the Jamaican countryside – a bit of the “real” Jamaica. It’s even nicer when you have a guide to sherpa your efforts in this regard. That’s why we were so pleased when our good friend Winsome Henry offered to take us on a day trip adventure to Saint Elizabeth. Winsome, by the way, is a judge magistrate in Jamaica. Kishna and I met her back in 2003 while we were vacationing at Breezes in Runaway Bay, and right then and there we recruited her to perform our wedding ceremony, which took place the following year. We’ve been fast friends ever since.

Our good friend Winsome Henry, host for our trip to Pelican Bar.

On the last full day of our Feb 2020 stay at Half Moon, Winsome swung by to pick us up and off we went. Our destination was Floyd’s Pelican Bar, a man-made (some might say jury-rigged) island of pleasure about a half-mile out in the ocean, just off Treasure Beach in Saint Elizabeth. The owner, Mr. Floyd, constructed the place out of tree limbs and planks and straw, and he and his crew serve up fresh fish, lobster, Red Stripe beer, and souvenirs. It’s a welcoming, relaxing place, and the staff are helpful and friendly. There’s a constant stream of visitors boating in and out, so the place is a lively mix of interesting people and intriguing scenery amid a constant backdrop of reggae music.

Approaching Pelican Bar by boat. The surrounding water is only a few feet deep, even though the place is a half mile or more from shore!
Nadiyah loved the Pelican Bar – she wasn’t at all anxious to leave.

We had a great time at the Pelican Bar, and we enjoyed seeing the countryside on the 2-1/2 hour drive from Montego Bay to Treasure Beach. It’s great that we could know someone as fabulous as Winsome and have a friendship that spans the miles and the years. We are truly blessed.

Pelican Bar is a 2-1/2 hour drive plus a 20 minute boat trip from Montego Bay. Well worth the effort!

Things I regret that I did not bring to Pelican Bar: (1) clothes that I could both wear AND swim in, (2) flip-flops, (3) my flask, (4) a light backpack, and (5) my drone. I’ll be ready next time!

In closing, an interesting fact: Winsome’s son Andrew, who was just 14 when Kishna and I met him, now goes by the show-biz name Adjani Salmon and is a (very) up and coming video producer in London. His YouTube video series “Dreaming Whilst Black” has won multiple awards in several countries. You can check out episode one by following the link below!

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