The Brenda Perryman Interviews

Brenda Perryman

Brenda Perryman, a great friend to the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative and to the entire Detroit area community, died on April 5, 2020 of Covid-19. Brenda was a local TV personality, an author, a playwright, a spoken word artist and an educator. She will be sorely missed by the UEI community, but she left a legacy that endures. As part of her contribution to the Urban Entrepreneurship Symposiums conducted in 2015 (Detroit) and 2016 (Flint), Brenda interviewed many community leaders on the subject of urban entrepreneurship. Brenda interviewed a broad sample of symposium attendees, including entrepreneurs, university presidents, community organization leaders, and a future lieutenant governor of Michigan. We make these interviews available here as a tribute to Brenda, and as a reminder of the determination and talent so many people have applied toward strengthening and revitalizing our urban communities.

Interviews Conducted at 2015 Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium – Detroit, Michigan

Interviews Conducted at 2016 Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium – Flint, Michigan