#UES2016 Competitions and Participation Opportunities


Don’t just meditate – participate!

We are offering several ways for you to actively engage in moving the City of Flint forward. Choose one and go! It could be a rewarding experience.


1. Urban Infrastructure Challenge

Devise a business model that improves an important aspect of the infrastructure in Flint, Michigan or similar cities.


2. Urban Jobs Challenge

Devise a business model that will lead to a significant number of decent-paying entry-level jobs in Flint, Michigan or a similar city.


3. Urban Business Model Search

Capture and document the business model for an existing for-profit business that is solving an important urban problem anywhere in the world.


4. Give Us What You Got!

Flint, Michigan residents: give us your idea – your “pitch” – for improving the quality of life in your city. Your idea can be a business, a community improvement suggestion, or an important problem you have experienced or witnessed.