GreenLight Flint Business Plan Competition


With all of the water-related issues in Flint, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that life goes on, and that people in Flint are still striving to grow and improve the city. One such effort is the GreenLight Business Plan Competition that takes place on January 27 (next week!). I was a judge for this competition last year, and was struck by the fact that the contestants and the attendees were truly a cross-section of the Flint community. The spirit in the room, the camaraderie, and the FOOD were all outstanding. Given all the recent distractions in Flint, the organizers (led by the Reinvest Flint organization) are running short of the funds they need to put on a quality event. If you would like to contribute, or know someone who would, please contact Jason Caya at Reinvest Flint. He can be reached via e-mail at:

For more info, see And if you can swing it, attend the event!