Problem Base

This section is under development.

The UEI Problem Base assembles important specific problems that have been found to exist in specific urban communities. The specific problems are divided into community vitality categories, as indicated below. Urban innovators can assess these problems with respect to their expertise, resources, and motivation to identify potential business opportunities.

To illustrate the problem areas where specific problems might be found, we have listed example problem areas for each of the community vitality categories shown below. Please keep in mind that these are merely examples of broad problem areas, not a specific, important problem that could form the basis for a business opportunity. The steps that an urban innovator would execute to deliver a business that solves a specific community problem might be as follows:

  • engage with a specific community
  • choose a broad problem area
  • engage deeply with the chosen community to identify a specific, important problem within the chosen problem area
  • develop and validate a solution to the specific problem
  • develop and validate a business model that effectively delivers the solution

Click on each of the community vitality categories below to see AI – generated examples of broad problem categories.