Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2014

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October 10, 2014  8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library
1000 Beal Avenue
(North Campus, University of Michigan)
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

ford library

Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2014 is an event which will focus participants and the community at large on the challenges and opportunities of solving urban problems through entrepreneurship. The symposium will:

  1. Convene and connect people from business, academia, government, and non-profit organizations interested in applying entrepreneurial solutions to urban problems.
  2. Share and discuss methods, practices, innovations, and technologies available for solving urban problems
  3. Inspire and encourage entrepreneurs, community members, students, and researchers to focus on solving urban problems

The key topics to be addressed are:

  • Proven methods for engaging urban communities to determine needs, and for translating those needs into products and services
  • Vivid examples of sustainable, scalable, and disruptive businesses that are solving important urban problems
  • Students who are attempting to “change the game” via urban entrepreneurship
  • Assessing strategic, legal, and financial support systems available to urban entrepreneurs

Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2014 aims to produce the following outcomes:

  • Recognition that an urban solutions focus can result in sustainable, scalable, disruptive businesses that specifically benefit urban clients
  • Consensus on the key elements of an urban entrepreneurship program model
  • Network of individuals and organizations committed to bringing business innovation to urban communities
  • Clearly identified next steps for implementing an urban entrepreneurship model in specific locales

In the long run, the symposium will result in a stronger set of enterprises that will make meaningful contributions to the health and wealth of urban communities in Michigan, the United States, and around the world.


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