#UES2014 Case Studies

Fresh Corner Café

fresh corner cafe

Fresh Corner Café seeks to solve the problem of lack of accessibility to high quality food for lower income Detroiters by delivering prepackaged, healthy and delicious meals to corner stores all around the city.




Sheila McBride’s son was college bound with a scholarship to play basketball but he wasn’t on track to succeed academically in college.




In 2011, Shinola, a luxury watch, leather and bike shop, opened in Midtown on a mission to bring back American craftsmanship and manufacturing to Detroit.


Thrift on the Avenue


Chris Prater, a native Detroiter and co-founder of Thrift on the Avenue (TOTA), grew up with 13 siblings and with one working parent, so thrift shopping was ingrained in his lifestyle before Macklemore made it cool.




Uber is an innovative technology company that connects riders with drivers to provide a safe, convenient, and cost-effective method of transportation within metro areas.

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