Video Record – Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016 – Day 1

Welcome to Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016

Reggie Barnett, Director and Treasurer, Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative

Welcome to Flint

Steven Branch for Mayor Karen Weaver

Welcome to Mott Community College

Dr. Beverly Griffea-Walker, President, Mott Community College

Urban Entrepreneurs in Action

These urban-focused business innovators each discuss how they managed to create a for-profit business that solves an important urban problem. How did they identify the problem that their business solves? How did they arrive at a solution? How does their solution improve the city?

Eric Thomas, founder and partner, Saga Marketing

Justine Sheu, CEO and co-founder, ProUp

David Alade, co-founder and managing partner, Century Partners

Video Trailer: David Tarver, “I’m a Kid from Flint”

Edited by Michelle Wyche Watson

Evening Keynote: An Urban Revival

David Tarver, proud native of Flint
President, Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative
Founder and CEO: Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc.
Author: Proving Ground, A Memoir 
Mr. Tarver touches briefly upon the lessons he learned growing up in Flint that set the stage for his successful career in technology entrepreneurship. He then reveals some basic tools for understanding how any business works, and how citizens with an “entrepreneurial mindset” can use those tools to transform their community.