Urban Innovator Platform (UIP)

UEI focuses on attracting and empowering a global community of entrepreneurial-minded professionals (members) who are well-versed at creating sustainable, scalable solutions for urban communities. The Urban Innovator Platform (UIP) is a set of web-based services that inform, inspire, and empower our urban innovator community.

urban innovator platform - for urban focused professionals
Urban Innovator Platform is a powerful tool for urban-focused professionals.

Company Profiles

Entrepreneurs benefit tremendously from knowing the story of other, often similar, ventures, and in seeing the data behind the story. The Company Profiles library contains a rich summary of story+data for urban-focused business ventures and projects. Each profile is analogous to a “CliffsNotes” summary of a business story, plus business model, community impact, and marketing strategy data. The UEI Company Profiles will help entrepreneurs and project leaders save time, improve results, and avoid pitfalls. The profiles will also prove useful to other members of the UEI community, including potential partners, employees, suppliers, and funders.

Knowledge Base

The UEI Knowledge Base is a living collection of timely and useful information for urban innovators. The knowledge base includes both proprietary and curated course materials, books, articles, videos, and more.

Technology Survey

To maximize chances for success, urban innovators must be aware of the latest technologies available for implementing effective solutions. The UEI Technology Survey draws from company data, member information, and industry sources to identify key technologies available for product implementation and business operations.

Problem Base

Many capable innovators would love to craft profitable urban solutions but lack information about specific opportunities that exist in specific communities. The UEI Problem Base lists important specific problems that have been found to exist in specific urban communities. Urban innovators can compare these problems to their capabilities to identify potential business opportunities.

Member Network

The UEI Member Network is the online community for our UEI members. This network facilitates individual member profiles, activity streams, messaging, user groups, and more. The UEI Member Network facilitates powerful connections and collaborations that are not geographically constrained.

News and Events

Stay abreast with what is happening in urban innovation with UEI News, including UEI reporting and links to other sources. UEI Events will highlight key urban innovator accomplishments, novel business models, best practices, new technologies, promising project opportunities, and more.